Vέος Will Be Expanding its Product Line

We have been busy with many projects and are committed to bringing them to the world now. Check out the teaser here. Expect more from us in 3D printing.

Chess Set Prototype

We will post these chess sets with the chess board included for sale later this summer. First and foremost though, are our wallets. Expect news regarding new offerings there soon.

Vέος & Kickstarter partner for Wαllet Sale

Vέος recently completed a Kickstarter campaign to continue to get the word out for the CNC machined Wαllets.  The campaign was great.  We got feedback from so many people, thanks!!  At the beginning we were not sure if three sizes were really needed, or which colors would be required, or if anyone would appreciate the woody series?  The campaign helped us so much.  Not only is what we offer accepted, but people are looking for more, and that really excites us.

So as our customers become our friends, expect to see more ideas coming out that can excite our daily lives.

Optimized Machine Finishes

All the Wλllets have been CNC machined to achieve unique surface finishes.

The front and back face have a circular texture left from a large surface cutter.  Once the finish coating is complete these cutter lines reflect light in all directions and reveal the cutter path, a very cool pattern.

The sides have a smooth cutter finish for the most comfortable user feel.  The chamfers have an ultra smooth finish that really shines in reflection.

Click on the image to bring up a scalable hi res view to see the detail !
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Wαllets are waterproof !

Wαllets are Waterproof

All wαllets are absolutely   1 0 0 %   waterproof.  The construction is comprised of aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel pins, elastic band, and plastic window shield.

So wαllets make a great outdoor adventure wallet.  Bring your drivers license, debit card and a key out into the surf with you in your wetsuit, or shorts.  Kayakers, river runners and SUP paddlers can do the same.

No need to leave those precious belongings on the beach, or under a tire by the car anymore!


In a tribute to the ancient Greek culture, t is the Vέoς mission to provide unique lasting solutions that excite our daily lives.

Wλllets are the first Vέος offering.  These rock solid wallets fit today’s life and look great doing it!

These front pocket wallets hold cards, a protected front photo, or I.D., as well as receipts and cash between the elastic bands at the rear.

Slide out the last card and swipe it through a card reader without even fully removing the card for easy quick transactions.